Mesopotamian Cookoff Entry 10 – Mersu with Cheese Please by Laura

Mersu are not just for dessert, anymore. . . The addition of some combinations of Nippur – Nusku tablet ingredients – cheese, wine, raisins, figs, apples yields delicious savory treats – that could serve as appetizers, or main parts of a light meal. It is unknown exactly what sort of cheese the Mesopotamians had, but most cultures have at least one variety (usually more) of … Read more

Mesopotamian Cookoff Entry 1 – Mersu by Sasha Martin

The first entry in our Mesopotamian Cookoff comes from friend in the blogosphere, Sasha Martin over at Global Table Adventure. As fate would have it, she was cooking the food of Iraq the same week that I announced the Cookoff and instantly noted the connections between the Babylonian mersu recipe and a confection on the modern Iraqi table. Using only the dates and pistachio nuts … Read more

Cookoff Challenge #1 – Ancient Mesopotamia I

Ancient Near East! Come to the Ancient Mesopotamian Cookoff Challenge! Think of it like Iron Chef – Mesopotamian Style! But instead of a theme ingredient, you have a list of ingredients without amounts or directions attached to them. The only thing between you and a finished dish is your own culinary creativity. There are two goals to the challenge: 1). Create dishes that could have … Read more