A Review of the Viking Cookbook, An Early Meal

An Early Meal by Serra and Tunberg
An Early Meal by Serra and Tunberg

Raiders… conquerors… fierce in battle and strong in family. These are the images that the world has of Vikings. We know where they lived, and to some degree how they made a living. We know which gods they worshipped and how. Yet the bulk of our knowledge consists of broad brush strokes that omit the nuances of everyday life. The Vikings recorded many things, from The Sagas to business transactions and personal letters. But beyond a brief and occasional mention, two of the many things they didn’t write about were what they ate and how they prepared their meals. The Vikings left no recipes.

Read the rest of my review of the Viking cookbook, An Early Meal on the EXARC (Experimental Archaeology) website.


6 thoughts on “A Review of the Viking Cookbook, An Early Meal

  1. Well, I was surprised to see the sweet-and-sour in these dishes. These sound very tasty and refined. I have family (first cousins) in Denmark and know virtually nothing of their culture, so it is interesting to find out more. This sounds like a must-have book. Thanks for the review Laura!

    • Hi Joumana:

      Yes, the sophistication of some of the recipes and flavor combinations was a high-point of the book for me too! There is some good food to be had in those pages, and unlike much of what has come before it on the subject, the recipes are evidence-based, not just made up.

  2. Sad that a book which seems quite pertinent to my beginnings does not seem to be available in Australia – have tried all our on line shops [yes, Amazon also]. Also pity that further clicking did not reveal more than was already there . . . Would have loved to compare to the dishes which pertained to my own childhood in Estonia!

  3. So glad to have seen this! True, the riveting show on the History Channel is a main source of inspiration here, but I also recently discovered (unbeknownst to to my immediate family), that we have a significant percentage of Scandinavian heritage. Being hooked on historical research, I just had to dig in… just ordered by copy from a US retailer (Potboiler Press), and am very much looking forward to delving into the recipes.

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