New Flavors for the World’s Oldest Recipes

Saudi Aramco World Cover 11/12-12

I am pleased to share with you my new article on ancient Mesopotamian cuisine entitled, New Flavors for the World’s Oldest Recipes” in the November-December issue of Saudi Aramco World.

Click the link above to read the article on the publisher’s website and peruse the other articles in the issue.  I really like the magazine, because its stated objective is to build understanding between peoples by increasing reader’s knowledge of the Muslim world and its peoples and their connections to the west.

Thanks to the editors of the magazine for publishing the article, and thanks to the friends of Silk Road Gourmet who allowed me to submit their photos to illustrate these delicious, ancient dishes.  I hope you enjoy the article as well as the magazine!


6 thoughts on “New Flavors for the World’s Oldest Recipes

  1. wow, Laura, you have won my total admiration! I cant imagine pouring through these ancient texts and digging up recipes then trying to convert them to our time and place, whew! you did it girl! Plus I love the magazine, used to read it 30 years ago and still enjoy it; glad it is still around and still showcasing such interesting topics.

    • Hi Joumana!

      Thanks a bunch!

      It was a great experience writing for them – they have very high editorial and fact-checking standards and made me produce references for every point. Plus, they were super-nice!

      I have some questions for you on some interesting Sumerian food words I’ve found recently. Will be in touch soonest!

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