Silk Road Gourmet Nominated for Award

I am thrilled to report that the first volume of Silk Road Gourmet has been nominated for a “golden ladle” in Le Cordon Bleu’s World Media Food Awards. I haven’t won (yet) but simply being nominated is such an honor that I am a bit over the moon about it! I’m glad someone out there appreciates the united picture of food and culture that I tried to paint as well as some of the creative flavor combinations I highlighted.

Le Cordon Bleu Nominee Seal

Another thing I’m thrilled about is that the book is also on sale at The American Museum of Natural History in NYC as part of their Silk Road Exhibit. There’s a big cycle that is being completed (or perhaps repeated) here, because years ago, I was an intern at the AMNH in the casting and molding department under Martin Cassidy. At that time, I helped to mold and cast the museum’s T-rex skeleton now on display in Philadelphia, The British Museum (skull only) and many other venerable museums around the world. In a way I couldn’t have envisioned back then, I’ve “come home” to the museum I have always loved. (Words by Laura Kelley)

Diamond Award

Diamond Award

I am thrilled and somewhat astounded to have been awarded a diamond by Karen Coates of The Rambling Spoon. Being rather new to this artform, I still feel like something of a rube when it comes to blogging, but am grateful to Karen for her kindness and encouragement that Silk Road Gourmet is getting off to a good start. It is my duty now to pass the baton to seven other bloggers that I enjoy reading:

Aaplemint – This is a blog run by a woman named Kate that discusses food, places and people in Africa, India and other areas East of Suez. There are lots of ethnic recipes, but Kate is at her best when she makes and photographs her dessert creations. The photos just jump off the screen and make you want to devour the shiny, pretty things that Kate bakes. Here’s a Huzzah for Kate!

Eating Asia – This is a blog run by a seasoned food writer Robyn and her partner, photographer David. I feel somewhat foolish being a newbie and giving these folks an award, but I read them regularly and love their writing and pictures of food and life in Southeast Asia. Three Cheers!

Primitive Culture -This is a hip and stylish site by Xander who is currently Bangkok based but who wanders all over Southeast Asia, eating and cooking phenomenal looking food and photographing the people and design trends that he finds. Keep up the great posting – love the site!

Tea and Food – A blog that eats, simply, locally and responsibly both at home and on the road is run by writer and comic actor Aaron who cooks, eats, writes and photographs his travel and eating adventures around the United States. Lots of information and stories about ethnic food in the US and Jewish cookery around the world.

The Traveler’s Lunchbox – Melissa, the proprietor of this site has been quiet lately, adjusting to life in her new Seattle home, but hopefully winning an award will bring her back to the blogosphere. She has a strong and unique voice in her writing and tells great stories about food she cooks and eats and places she visits. Come on back, Melissa – we miss ya!

The next two are more travel oriented than food oriented, but I regularly peruse them and wanted to award them diamonds for content and presentation. They photograph and tell stories about the travels of the authors and their guest posters.

From the Faraway, Nearby – A beautiful site by an Oklahoman fellow named TR that chronicles his travels in the US and abroad. TR has recently returned from a couple of months in China, and his China photos and posts are not to be missed. He captures both big-picture issues and the delicate details of life elsewhere and brings it home in a way that makes it feel so – familiar.

Wanderlust and Lipstick – I love this site because it encourages women to travel – either in company or solo and to write about their experiences. Being a woman who has trod many a remote path alone, I salute Beth’s commitment and generosity to women travelers and wish her many happy trails.

So there are my seven awardees. Now these bloggers have to: 1.) Write a post about the award on your blog; 2.) Name the blogger from whom you received the award; 3.) Award the diamonds to seven other bloggers and link them to your site, and 4.) Tell them they received an award.