Omani Kofta at Global Table Adventure

Friend of the Silk Road Gourmet, Sasha Martin of Global Table Adventure has prepared Omani Kofta from a recipe donated by yours truly. The recipe is for sausages that can be made from beef or lamb and flavored with cumin, and cinnamon.  These are then bathed in a rich zucchini sauce full of parsley and mint.  Delicious, easy to prepare, and as the photo of Sasha’s beautiful daughter Ava attests, kid pleasing as well.  The authentic Omani recipe is a lot spicier (lots more cinnamon, chilies, vinegar and herbs and no cumin or coriander seed) but the one adapted by Sasha, will be delicious and suitable for everyone – especially those who like their dishes on the tamer side.

Omani Kofta in Zucchini Sauce

Although Oman is not covered in the Silk Road Gourmet (unless it will be in a currently unplanned 4th volume), many recipes from the Arabian peninsula are related to recipes in Western Asia and the Caucasus.  Some Arabian regional recipes, like Sayadieh can be found adapted in European cuisine, where it is called Fish in Saor.  Additionally, there are also recipes that can be found as far east as China, like Eggs with Tomatoes.  As major traders and businessmen on the Silk Road, Arab culture, cuisine and of course what became the region’s dominant religion – Islam – all travelled the Silk Road to the far corners of the world.

Check it out!

(Words in stub post by Laura Kelley; Photo by Sasha Martin and Global Table Adventure)


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  1. Absolutely love the zucchini sauce – personally would like to see the kofta a wee bit more spicy however appetizing they look 🙂 ! I am not the least bit bothered by a small ‘detour’ SW as far as the Silk Road is concerned, it is the interesting small changes of food and geography and culture which count!

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