Global Table Adventure – Pakistan

I am honored once again to have Sasha Martin adapt recipes from The Silk Road Gourmet for her explorations of global cuisines at Global Table Adventure. This past week she has cooked three recipes from Pakistan from Volume One of my book: Rice with Pine Nuts and Garlic, Mixed Bean Salad and Sweet Coffee with Cinnamon and Cardamom. The dishes have never looked more beautiful treated with Sasha’s great food styling expertise.

Three Delicious Pakistani Dishes

The rice dish is a family favorite and the mixed bean salad is both delicious AND a summer picnic crowd pleaser. My mother swears by the Mixed Bean Salad and makes it for many of their gatherings, and the coffee is a delicious way to end a meal! Check out Sasha’s adaptations and also the recipes in the book. They are easy to make and fantastic additions to your table. (Words in stub by Laura Kelley. Photos of Pakistani Dishes by Sasha Martin and Global Table Adventure).


2 thoughts on “Global Table Adventure – Pakistan

  1. I think I want to make them all. The dish with all those pine nuts especially. It looks magnificently and I am very foggy on the cuisine of that region… sort of lump it with Indian food in my brain. Glad to learn more!

  2. Hi Deana:

    I hope you’ll like them all as well!

    Most people do, unfortunately, lump the cuisines of South Asia together. But they are really quite distinct with some overlap. More on all that in the first volume of Silk Road Gourmet . . .

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