Global Table Adventure: Georgia

Sasha Martin has just completed a week of cooking some of my favorite dishes from Georgia adapted from The Silk Road Gourmet Volume One. For a look at her meal review, beautiful photos of the preparation and recipies check out her Global Table Adventure Website. Its a great project: 195 countries, 195 meals, 195 weeks. The site is informative, interesting and full of personal insight and great food!


7 thoughts on “Global Table Adventure: Georgia

  1. Deana, the book is great. She has so many other wonderful recipes that I wanted to try – especially the ones with pomegranate.

    Laura, thanks for the interview and correspondence. I could never complete this adventure without help from experts like yourself.


  2. Nice one.

    I find Georgian food to have some very interesting aspects that set it apart. The prolific use of walnuts is one; also the combination of “Eastern” spices (coriander, fenugreek) with Western flavours.

    I’ve come across a few recipes for the spice mix khmeli-suneli. Some use dried fenugreek leaves rather than fenugreek seeds; I tend to prefer the leaves myself.

    • Thanks ES:

      There are LOTS of recipes for K-S. As I note in the book it varies by region and household etc.

      But it is a great flavoring – even without the Garo.


    • Hi Sasha:

      The leaves are available on the Amazon store on my website – page 4 under “Herbs and Spices”.

      If you like the bricks and mortar shopping experience – I do, I just rarely have the time – see if there are Persian Markets in your area. Here is one suggestion I found: (Not sure how close to you it is.)

      Travel by Taste Market & Restaurant
      4818 N. McArthur
      Warr Acres, OK 73122
      (405) 787-2969

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